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 Week 3 Discussion

“Once a Delinquent, Always a Delinquent”  After reading chapters five and six, watch the short video (five minutes) and please respond to the following in a paragraph or more by Thursday. Answer both questions.

  • In chapter 5 of your textbook, Michael Gottfredson, and Travis Hirschi theorized that delinquents have low self-control that can be traced to early childhood experiences. When parents do not supervise their children, do not recognize when their children are behaving badly, and do not punish poor behavior, they promote low self-control in their children. Are children with low self-control more likely to commit crimes? Justify your response.
  • In chapter 6, the Labeling Theory suggests that official contact with the justice system sets into motion a range of identity changes and stigmatization processes that result in a delinquent self-image. Discuss whether or not you believe that labeling a child as a juvenile delinquent is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Justify your response.