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Our readings for this week have you focused on important issues related to leadership in a global world. Our first reading is titled Women Leaders in a Globalized World by Patricia Werhane. Our second reading by Boegtlin, Patzer and Scherer is titled Responsible Leadership in Global Business: A New Approach to Leadership and Its Multi-Level Outcomes
You need to make a handout.
Presentation (approximately 10-12 minutes),
The Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer article proposes a responsible leadership model and lays out several propositions central to the model which they view as central to successful global organizational operations. First, explain what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of their model. Explain any parallels or important distinctions you see between their model and the thesis advanced in the Werhane article.
Please also generate at least two of your own questions in addition to addressing the questions(Can’t be a simple question like yes or no) I have posed for you. Don’t forget to write the answer to the question.
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