Three healthy ways to Approach success

By setting multiple goals at one time this one helps your chance to hit a goal, but it also gives you more experience with failing and moving on to the next goal. During the time that one goal is being developed others could also be. Goals don’t come in the same shape or size, so you shouldn’t be just stuck to big goals or small goals. Shop around see what type of goal fits you but don’t over fill your cart.

Experience plays a major role when it comes to achieving your goals. Experience in achieving your goals and experience in your goals failing are equally important. Setting multiple goals helps you gain the experience necessary to consistently achieve your goals. Many times in the past I have waited all the way to New Years to set a goal just to make it all the way to the next year with either forgetting all about it or even worse trying it again next year just to have the same result. Best case scenario I achieve the goal that I’m set out for then wait till New Years again to start my new goal. How many opportunities to achieve other goals did I miss during this time? I will never know.

Having patience is a hallmark of a champion. The right amount of patients enables you to see more of the truth. When you make decisions without the right amount of patients it sacrifices good judgement. I learned patients when my grandfather took me fishing every weekend. At the end of that dock we waited sometimes hours for a very small reward. Many times reeling in clean hooks. Till one day I caught my first bass! See there’s an art to fishing an art that requires to dig deep into patience.  That reward I received when I dug deepest into may patience inspired me to apply patience in different areas of my life where patience was deprived.

Having the ability to relate to someone is an important moral skill to obtain. On certain levels relation is necessary in order to establish a common background.  Communication skills play an important role in improving relation. Communication is the only tool able to improve relation. A tool because the output is multiplied by input. The amount of effort you put into communication the better able you are to relate to someone. Ask yourself who cant you relate to. Then asks your self how is your communication with that person. If we relate to each other better  we can help each other better. Our future depends on the relations of today. By setting multiple goals, having patience, and having the ability to relate to others will put you in a better position towards success. In addition the people around you will have more confidence in you and increasingly people will want to support your success.