Top Mistakes People Make In Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest ways of driving traffic to your website. This is because a well  written   article  can start generating traffic to a website within minutes of putting them up. Unfortunately, this is not very common. Some people have the ability to  write  an  article  that is very captivating thus making people desire to pass them along to their friends who in turn pass them on and on.  Article  directories are capable of driving lots of traffic to any website if the  articles  are  written  without the following mistakes:

1.Just writing anything. This is the first mistake many people make. Unfortunately, they are not at fault as they must have heard it from some “guru” who said all you had to was just keep  writing   articles ; that the quality did not matter, that it is not necessary to do your research. The anthem is “keep pumping em out”. This approach is responsible for the abundance of many frustrated article marketers. Think about it one second: if you read a very informative article, are you likely to look for more articles by the author or a resource where you can tap more from his knowledge? I am assuming your answer would be “Yes”. So, if that were applicable to one person, what makes you think you can do the opposite and get the same results as he would?

2.Creating a broad title for the article. An untargeted article does not solve any specific need. The reason you are reading this article is either because your article marketing campaign isn’t working as fine as you thought it would and you are looking for what could be wrong. Thus, an article that may claim to show you what you are doing wrong will ultimately grab your attention.

3.Summarizing of articles. This takes the thrill and curiosity out of the whole thing. The reason you want people to read your article is so that you can call them to action, or leave them wanting for more. The only way you can do this is not to summarize and instead lead them on to your byline or author’s bio box. That way, you’d have a lot more people hitting your website to see what you might have to offer.

4.Some people include links to their advertised products in their articles. This is not a good enough idea. The aim of your article is to make sure that the people hit your article and read to the very end where there will be a call to action. Not a summary. Including links in your article except you know how to time it well, is not exactly advisable until you get the full hang of it.

5.Omitting to include contact details in byline or just putting some bland ad there. Without an effective byline, no one is ever going to visit your website. Bylines like “XYZ is a professional marketer with experience. You can visit his website for more information” are complete waste of effort. It is just too boring. Nothing appealing there. So, try make your byline catchy. Include something that will make your readers want more. An example of this is “did you know that your dog will never listen to you if you don’t do teach it using some secret methods? Get the secret methods for free at