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Do not reward the child if she/he has not finished an assignment or task. Let the child do the hard assignments first then the easier ones later. The teacher might find it appropriate to provide extra classes to the child to assist the child in areas the child finds it difficult to understand or in completing an assignment. The teacher should pay equal attention to all learners in the class. She should not ignore children who are slow learners because they might feel neglected and unwanted. The teacher can make use of reference books, audio-visual aids and graphic displays including online materials to help the slow learner. Record of the progress of the slow learner(s) should be maintained as it will help track the development of the learner. Above all, the teacher should be the best friend to the slow learner. It is hard for slow learners to express themselves fully to their parents and peers.

The people they can best rely on are the teachers. Slow learners know very well they have a weakness as compared to their peers. They know they do not perform well. They are sensitive and self-conscious of this fact. In addition, they have low self-esteem. Thus, the teacher should aim to boost their confidence. She should encourage them by reminding them they are no less than others and can do better. In return, these encouraging words can boost their morale to want to perform better. The best way to boost their confidence is focusing on things they are good at. The teacher should try to maintain an open relationship with the learner. This will create a bond between the teacher and the learner and will enable the child to be able to accept help from the teacher, other teachers and parents including therapists. The teacher should not explain the slow learner’s mistake(s) in front of the class. Instead, the teacher should call the child aside and explain to the child the areas the child has made mistake and correct the mistakes together with the child.

The teacher should not criticize and humiliate a slow learner in front of the class as it will further lower the child’s self-esteem. This will lead to the child to drop-out. The teacher should try to focus on areas the slow learner is good at or encourage the child to take part in tasks he/she is best at. The teacher should reward the child when the child has done the task or activity as required. The teacher should try to persuade other children to treat the slow learner with understanding. Slow learners need topics to be explained in-depth. A teacher should explain a topic in great detail by providing plenty of examples. Teachers should set aside some time outside of the prescribed curriculum time to offer extra help to the slow learner. Teachers should be patient with slow learners. Leaving an encouraging note on every marked work you had assigned the children goes a long way in uplifting their self-esteem.

Slow learners need a lot of encouragement. Teachers should request slow learners to sit at the front of the class. It becomes easier to monitor and involve them in various class activities such as answering questions. Slow learners need somebody they can reach to – a friend. The people they’ll tend to trust more are teachers. Being friendly will enable them to open up to you which enable you to get to know them better thereby finding better ways to help them. In conclusion, “There is only over one justification for labeling a child with a specific tag. “Learning difficulties is a general term used to describe a difficulty with learning a subject but it is not severe enough to be considered a disorder. Those with learning difficulties across all subjects are considered slow learners. They do poorly in schools but are not eligible for special education. Do you believe there is a need to label children as slow learners, mentally retarded or reluctant learners?