Top Twitter Secrets For Exposing Topic Ideas For Your Readers

Are you falling behind in the whole web 2.0 frenzy? Are you lost about where to start and what the heck it is all about? Well I am here to help you a bit with one of the fastest growing sites in history, Twitter.

Besides making new “friends” and contacts, Twitter is also be a great research tool. You can use the search at to find the latest tweets or the same interests on virtually any topic that you wish.

This can be an awesome way to keep track of any new articles happening on any topic that you choose. Each search has a feed that you can add to your favorite RSS feed reader and automatically see all the new events happening on Twitter for that particular topic.

For example I wanted to know what is being said about me. I could go to Twitter Search and get all of the latest tweets directly into my Google reader by just searching my name, then clicking the feed link to be delivered to my RSS reader. My favorite reader is Google but they all work about the same, you just need to choose one.

It really is very easy to do, all you need to do is click where it says feed for this query. Then you can grab the entire url and copy and paste it into your feed reader. Some will just automatically take you there.

You should be always be following your name, any products you have to keep track of what is being said.   I  know if  someone  replies using @MyTwitterID it will show on your Twitter time line but if  someone  just uses your name in a tweet it won’t show up unless  I  am following them. You should also always add a Google alerts to your name as well.

It is always nice to know when  someone  is saying something good and even more important to know if it is bad because that why you can nip it in the butt before your reputation gets ruined which has happened to many people since the big web 2.0 frenzy as happened. However it is great for finding scammers and such so there are good things about it as well.