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Determine whether or not you believe this research makes us more or less safe, and explain why. Propose at least one (1) other application these discoveries could be used for. • Go to one (1) of the Websites below to read the article of your choice. Discuss the main point of the article you chose to read. Determine at least three (3) benefits of the genetically modified organism(s) described in the article. Give your opinion about what risks the genetically modified organisms pose to society, and justify how non-scientist citizens can arrive at an informed opinion in such matters. • Go to The New York Times Website to read the article titled “Concerns are raised about genetically-engineered mosquitos”, dated October 30. In your own words, summarize the pros and cons of using genetically engineered insects to control pests. Determine if you would be for or against the use of genetically engineered insects in your neighborhood, and explain why.

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