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Euthanasia is the act of putting a person or animal to death quickly and painlessly. It is also withholding medical treatment when a person has an incurable illness. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not the same thing, euthanasia refers to a person’s bringing about his or her own death with the help of another person. Because the other person is often a physician, the act is often called “doctor-assisted suicide.” Assisted suicide is illegal everywhere in the United States except the state of Oregon, while euthanasia is illegal in all fifty states. Euthanasia strictly speaking means that the physician or other person is the one who performs the last act that causes death. In the Christian faith it is wrong and a sin to cause any death weather euthanasia or assisted suicide etc.. Those who are of Christian and Jewish faith emphasize not only God’s ultimate power over death and life, and the value of human beings as creatures made in God’s image, but also the relationships that bind humans to one another and to God (Wells, 2013). I think that palliative care and hospice are better alternatives to assisted suicide/euthanasia because it provides them with comfort in their final time as opposed to causing a person’s death even if it is their wish because to me it
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