Topic: Chapter 1 of Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities – custom papers

Order DescriptionThis test must be typed in Microsoft Word, size 12 font, spellchecked and properly punctuated.Choose one of the first three chapters from Savage Inequalities (written for the time period of 1964 to 1991, as a basis for any action or inaction that you feel is prejudicial, discriminatory, or an injustice perpetuated on a certain race, class, gender, or religious group.(a) Outline the general condition and how the action is biased and/or discriminatory(b) Describe the group that is harmed and in what ways(c) Find some current information about those conditions, preferably in the same location and compare the then with the now. Has discrimination and bias changed over the years. Do you think progress has been made and assess the current situation.(d) As an educated community planner, what recommendations would you make? As a government official, what recommendations would you make? Support your suggestions as if you were asking for approval to implement strategies.
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