Tort Law (specific topic is on the order description)

Order Description

Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board is a welcome decision. It has put the last nail in the coffin of the Bolam rule in the law of medical negligence.
Please discuss the above statements critically.

1. Write a THESIS-DRIVENessay. Thesis from the outset. Clear position of the outset and uses cases and scholars to support your argument.
2. Avoid excessive direct quotations. Marks are gained for your analysis.
3. Your answer should contain an introduction and a conclusion.
4. Your answer should utilize cases (please use famous UK cases that are frequently used in Law school) AND secondary literature.
5. Should include footnotes
6. No need to recite facts of cases – unless it helps your argument.

currently JD Law school Student. So, please write cases that are usually taught in law school. Also, please read Montgomery case and Bolam case before writing. It is really important to understand the case perfectly and then go with the argument.