what is meant by the term “Tough Guise”? How is “tough guise” as a concept related to hegemonic masculinity and violence in the United States? Provide explicit examples from the documentary Tough Guise and discuss its relevance in popular culture today. Your post should be at least 350 words and you must respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts.

answer this question , at least 350 words and replied the message bellow.

I think that the term “tough guise” refers to the socially constructed concept and belief that both men and women are supposed to behave and live their lives to certain standards. To be more specific, the men in the documentary described that they feel that they need to act “tough, strong and independent” to avoid ridicule and being called things like a “bitch or a pussy.” Certain standards have been set in the world, especially the United States, that men need to avoid femininity and women need to avoid masculinity at all costs, or they risk being ostracized. For example, there are many people even today that are opposed to homosexuality, because it goes against the traditional roles that they think men and women have to be in. Because men are expected to be tough and violent, it comes as no surprise, and gender is not even mentioned, when a man is involved in a violent act like murder or a shooting, which is honestly pretty alarming. Even when it comes to crimes like rape, the person that the blame is put on always seems to be the woman who was attacked, because of what she was wearing or how she was acting, and because “boys will be boys.” I think that because of all the hypermasculinity and mistreatment towards women that boys are growing up seeing in music, videogames and television, and even with the media claiming that “boys will be boys,” boys grow up believing that they need to be tough and violent and that there are minimal repercussions for their actions. Also these beliefs are taught and perpetuated by their fathers, who do not support their sons if they aren’t playing sports, or choose to disown their son if they are homosexual.


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