Travel and hospitality is a diverse sector comprised of personnel
The language barrier

Travel and hospitality is a diverse sector comprised of personnel from varied nationalities, backgrounds, ages, and different languages. This is one of the reasons our industry is so unique. Yet with this diversity, comes its challenges.

In the case of a sizable hotel, where a housekeeping office is comprised of personnel from all over the world, training can sometimes be challenging to scheduled language barriers. And although many corporate properties have developed strong training programs, it’s not always totally understood by each person in the room.

Being aware of this, what types of tools, methods, and methods can a company use to ensure proper training has been provided?

While a group, be it natural or processed, discuss the following topics:

1. Make a collection of different training techniques you can use when looking to overcome a dialect obstacle

2. At the end of ideal to start, what methods can you use to ascertain whether or not the worker comprehended?

3. How effective are visual aids when it comes to training and why?

4. When growing a training plan for a staff who has English language as a second dialect, what types of things should you consider when putting your training plan together?

5. What is the KEY takeaway your group has learned from this case study?

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