Trends in Retailing

Introduction: Papers should be 2- pages with both an additional cover page and a references page. With a short paper, it is especially important to focus on answering the essay topic with clarity and conciseness. Your analysis should demonstrate an understanding of the topic as it is covered in the week’s text readings.


Search for recent articles describing the retailing trends over the last decade.

1. For each of five of the eight trends listed, find a recent article that discusses a business and describes how it has adopted this strategy.

2. Discuss each of the five articles describing how the trend impacts the strategic marketing initiative of the firms. Consider the For Discussion questions on page 115 in preparing your response.

3. Cite the source and the edition that you have referred to for this assignment.

Deliverables and format:

Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document.

Length: 5 pages

Font: Courier or New Times Roman: 12

Line Spacing: Double