Two Discussions ,

 one and hlaf page for each discussion with refrences 

Discussion 1

“Infrastructure for Planned, Learning, and Selectionist Projects” Please respond to the following:

·              Organizations use managerial systems to help project teams collaborate to work through unforeseeable uncertainty. Using a project from your local community or state, determine how you would respond to the discussion below (be sure to reference your selected project):


o   In reviewing the five areas of management systems, select one of them and answer the associated question(s) as described on pages 185 and 186 of the textbook.

Discussion 2

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“Motivation and Incentive Systems” Please respond to the following:

·              Determine how managers can utilize an evaluation and incentive system to motivate project teams of selectionist (sub) projects.

·              Describe one of the three principles that can be used in the integration of (sub) projects and relate it to your own project experience or to a project that you know about through current readings.

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