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You do not want to make any assumptions as to what the client or customer may prefer. It is seen as thoughtful and courteous when giving your guest the choice to make any recommendations. If your guest has no preferences, have a few names of conveniently located restaurants. It may be best to have been to these restaurants before suggesting them because you do not want to seem unfamiliar with the ambiance. This way you can suggest several of the menu items and the maitre d’ will probably recognize you. After you have inquired about the preferences, the next thing to do is make the reservations. When making the reservations, put them in your name, inform the reservation person that it is a business lunch and request a quiet table (one that is not near the kitchen, washroom, or cash register). Now on the day of the lunch, arrive on time and wait for your client in the foyer and greet them there, not at the bar or table. If you are going to be late, out of simple courtesy call the restaurant ahead of time and let them know you will be late.

Every table in a restaurant has a power seat. This power seat faces the audience and lets you or your client fully see everyone seated at the table. It is customary to give this seat to the client because the power seat faces the audience. The power seat comes from a military lore, in which the general would never sit with his back to the door or to the main body of the room. When ordering, it is a good idea to order something you are familiar with and not to order something that is heavily spiced, too exotic, or food that is too messy. Another thing to be aware of is how many drinks to order. It may be customary in a social setting to have a few drinks during your meal, but at a business lunch you should keep the drink to one. Because, after all, it is a business lunch and you want to sell the client on what you have to offer not on how many drink you can down.

During the course of the meal it is fine to dispense with the pleasantries in the opening but after that keep the conversation involving around the business at hand. Conduct your self in a business manner as if you were in the boardroom and were trying to sell your client on your idea. Because if you continue to talk socially, it distracts form the real reason you and your client have met for lunch. But do not let the time for lunch keep on going and linger on and on. You, as well as your client, may have to be somewhere after lunch and can not be late, so it is better to keep and eye on the time and not let things get carried away. This is just a sample Business Etiquette essay (Business Etiquette essay example) writing service which provides college and university students with high-quality custom written essays, term papers, research papers, thesis papers and dissertations on Business Etiquette topics. Get professional Business Etiquette essay writing help from our professional Ph.D. 100% plagiarism are guaranteed! Feel free to ORDER A CUSTOM ESSAY ON BUSINESS ETIQUETTE RIGHT NOW and you won’t be disappointed.