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When an issue is initially recorded it should be recorded in the central repository with a status code that reflects the fact that it is new issue and has not been reviewed. An attempt should also be made to categorize and rank the severity of the issue. The date and who created the issue should be recorded in the central repository. ]. Many teams describe issues in terms of the desired solution, leaving others to deduce the actual issue. This is not best practice since it limits the scope of possible creative solutions. As an example a badly worded issue: “We need more people.” There is no indication in this example of what the issue actually is, so finding alternative solutions is impossible. ] will automatically notify the person assigned to the issue via email. If the issue description is incomplete, the issue can be assigned to the appropriate party to gather the information necessary to make the issue description clear. Assign a person and not a group.

Experience has shown that assigning issues to individuals leads to greater accountability than assigning issues to groups. An individual can be confronted about lack of progress, it is much harder to confront a group of people. A group can be represented by a group leader, so you can assign an issue to the group leader who will take action to reassign the issue to correct group member who will actually address the issue. 3.3.5 Ownership It should be possible to decide which stakeholder is the owner of the issue. Having an issue owner is a way of recording who is accountable for the issue’s resolution. Owners must review the issues they own for progress to resolution. If the progress is not sufficient the issue manager should be told so that the situation can be remedied. 3.4 Taking Action The process to address an issue iterates over the following sub-steps until the issue is resolved. The person assigned to the issue, takes action to address the issue.