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So what is the best strategy to purchase silver? Once you’ve made the decision to invest or hedge with silver, the next step is figuring out your best strategy for buying silver. Because every one’s economic situation is different, I will not attempt to give you a one size fits all approach to buying silver, but rather show you some different options to help you find the one that works for you. Most of these strategies work for both physical silver and paper silver. This strategy works well for someone who has a large sum of cash and has been exploring a variety of places to invest it. The person who employed this strategy likely wants to build a massive position in silver quickly, and has decided that the current spot price is reasonable, with a reasonable expectation of going up in the near to long term. This is best suited for someone who believes a large scale collapse is imminent, or that they missed the boat when it comes to silver, and it’s time to play catchup.

This strategy is part of a general investing strategy in which the investor puts in an equal amount each buy, usually once or twice a month. This allows you to smooth out the highs and lows, hence the term “averaging,” and gives you a consistent accumulation plan. With physical silver, it is almost impossible to spend the exact same amount each month, whereas with mutual funds you can do this. This strategy is a hybrid of the lump sum purchase and the dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategies. It is best suited to someone who cannot quite pull the trigger on a 1,000 ounce bar, but wants to build a decent position right away. The solution is a compromise. In our hypothetical 1,000 ounce bar dilemma, our buyer would decide to buy 500 ounces, known as a Monster Box if he is buying silver coins, and buy the remaining 500 ounces monthly, 50 ounces per month. Ideally he would set the same date, such as the last business day of the month.

Another way to buy silver is to purchase a large quantity with the hopes of taking advantage of the metal’s volatility by quickly flipping it for a profit. The easiest way to do this is by trading paper silver futures contracts on the COMEX market. 10,000, you could take advantage of small upward movements in the price and make regular, modest profits. Be mindful of the bid and ask spread, which basically means the second you purchase, you are in the hole until the price can climb above the bid, which is your profit territory. Another trading option is a Silver Pool Account, like those offered by Kitco. First off, I want to say that I personally feel that silver should be purchased for the long term. I have a target sell price in my head, but I don’t see it getting there soon. It may never get there, in which case I will pass my silver stack on to my children and instruct them to do the same. The silver market is just too volatile to be hoping on moonshots with the price.