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Resource:Ch. 2 of Understanding Financial Statements, and Ch. Searchthe Internet for the financial statements of your favorite company or your employer. Go to the U.S. Identify the mission and main activities of each organization. Then, analyze the similarities and differences between the roles of each entity. Which entity has more influence over financial statement reporting? Search the Internet or the Online Library for information about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Summarize at least two provisions of the law, and discuss your interpretation of these provisions with your classmates. Do you think this law will make financial statements more reliable? Also, discuss how Sarbanes-Oxley establishes boundaries to ensure ethical practices. What does the law allow or prohibit, and why? Read Case 2.1: Lucent Technologies on pp. 79-80 (Ch. 2) of the text. Compose a 500- to 750-word paper that includes your answers to questions 2-4 on p. Format your paper according to APA standards. Compose a 200- to 300-word response to Question 2.4 on p.

74 (Ch. 2). In addition, include a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of using different depreciation methods, such as straightline versus accelerated. Complete Problem 3.10 on p. Post your answer to Problem 3.5 on p. 109 (Ch. 3). How might the information contained within the stockholder equity statement be used for management and investor decision-making? Provide specific examples of situations in which the stockholder equity information might be used. Research Web sites that contain examples of stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits. Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper based on your findings. Complete Problem 3.16b on p. 8. Select Chapter 1 from the top menu, then select Internet Links in the left-hand menu to access the income statement. Complete Problem 4.5 on p. 141 (Ch. 4). Refer to Exhibit 4.1 on p. 118 (Ch. 4) to create your statement of cash flows. Submit your completed statement of cash flows and a 200- to 300-word analysis of the statement.

In what ways does the statement of cash flows relate to the balance sheet and income statement? Discuss how the statement of cash flows is utilized by investors. If you were an investor reviewing a statement of cash flows, what section might interest you most? Discuss the circumstances in which other sections of the statement might be important to an investor. Compose a 500- to 750-word paper responding to questions 1 and 2 of the Candela Corporation Case on p. Complete Research Problem 4.8a on p. 142 (Ch. 4); however, choose three companies to compare instead of five. Post your answer to Study Question 5.2 on p. 180 (Ch. 5). As you read your classmates’ responses, consider the following scenario: If you compared two different companies that utilized two different valuation methods, how might the quality of the results differ? Also, comment on the difficulty of making comparisons between two firms that use different valuation methods.

Post your answer to Study Question 5.6 on p. 180 (Ch. 5). Discuss the consequences of poorquality reporting. What has the U.S. Complete Problem 6.6 on p. Complete Problem 6.2 on p. Resource: pp. 192-193 (Ch. Read the scenario in Problem 6.9 on p. Compose a 350- to 500-word response that includes a paragraph about the main ideas of the annual report and an explanation of how you might present these ideas to stakeholders. Refer to the questions in the Objectives of Analysis section on pp. 192-193 (Ch. 6) for guidance on tailoring ideas to present to stakeholders. What have you learned in this course about the process of analyzing financial statements? Resources: Appendix A, Ch. 1 PowerPoint®, and Ch. Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper evaluating the financial health of a company. Highlight the importance of industry comparisons and trends. Conduct an industry comparison. In your paper, discuss how your company’s financial performance compares with others in your company’s industry.

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