University-of-Phoenix COM 539 Week 2 Discussion And Assignment Help

Get help for University-of-Phoenix COM 539 Week 2 Discussion and Assignment Help. Recall the readings and activities you have completed this week and describe the one or two points that were least clear to you. What questions do you have that would help you understand these points better? One reason why sales are not completed is the salesperson makes no attempt to close the sale. Why, after investing all the time and effort in prospecting, qualifying, and making the presentation, would a salesperson not attempt to gain commitment? What are some other reasons why salespeople fail to gain commitment? Did the sales people connect emotionally during the sales process? Provide examples from the members’ experiences of successful or failed attempts. Did the sales people appear to use active listening? Provide examples of how this was done or areas of opportunity to do this. Did the sales people engage in negotiation during the sales process?

Did the sales people engage in using persuasive techniques during the sale? Provide examples of persuasion and negotiation. How were these different? Were any objections conveyed? How did the sales people handle objections? Was a purchase ultimately made or did the sales people fail to overcome the objections? Did the sales people seem ethical and trustworthy? Why is this important in the sales process? · The Week 2 Learning Team assignment gives students the chance to relate the basics of sales and active listening to real-life sales experiences. This provides context to experiences and students then relate this to the sales process. The presentation includes a discussion of the role of the emotional connection in the sales process. Should include examples from team members’ past experiences. The presentation includes an analysis of active listening and its role in sales. Should include examples from the team members’ shared experiences. The presentation includes a differentiation between negotiation and persuasion. Should include examples and discussion from team members’ past experiences. The presentation includes a demonstration of how a sales person overcame a sales objection. Should include examples. Should include examples and discussion from team members’ past experiences.

The presentation includes a discussion of ethics and trust in the sales process and why this is important. Presentation consists of 12 to 15 slides and is appropriate for the audience. The presentation includes relevant media and visual aids that are consistent with the content. The presentation includes detailed speaker notes that act as the text or script of the presentation. The presentation is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, font sizes, and white space. Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference slide. The presentation includes an introduction and conclusion that preview and review major points. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically. Rules of grammar and usage are followed including spelling and punctuation. Identify a product that you would like to sell and the customer or audience to which you will deliver your sales pitch. Write a 200- to 250-word written elevator pitch. · The elevator pitch is a standard used in sales and the assignment provides students a chance to create one and develop their own statements of value and differentiation. The basic structure of the elevator pitch goes across products and services and can even be used in interviewing. This opportunity gives students a chance to develop the skills related to creating and delivering an effective pitch.

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