University Of Phoenix PRG 211 Week 3 Homework Help

Get help University of Phoenix PRG 211 Week 3 Homework Help. Select two to three tasks a program could perform that would be useful. Entering a number of items and calculating sales tax on a sale – Include a step offering a warranty for each item. These items may build on the tasks used in your Week 2 assignment or may be unique. Obtain approval from your instructor for your items. Send a Private Message to your instructor. Create a Word document for each of the tasks. Create Visual Logic files to execute each of the tasks. Save all the files in a single folder structure you zip into a single file to submit. Submit zip file containing all files. Continue working on the Week Five Learning Team Assignment: Gasoline Calculation Project – Learning Team Paper and Presentation. Identify the variables that are needed in the program. Begin the flowchart that will represent the algorithm.

Use Visual Logic to create the flowchart of the top level algorithm. Document the purpose of each task and subtask. Post this week’s team project and VL flowchart. Software Program Control Flow Fundamentals. What is sequential flow of a program? What is branching within a program? How is branching controlled? What is the role of an if statement in control structures? Create and post a screenshot of the Current Course Score and Completion Status for this module. What are the similarities and differences between single alternative structures, dual alternative structures, and case structures? Provide an example of one of the three control structures using pseudocode. Try to provide an example that has not already been posted. What is an iteration structure? What problem does a repetition structure solve? Provide an example of a process in which a repetition structure is appropriately used. 2-2. All’s Well That Ends Well. Write a program that inputs a number between 1 and 10 and displays the number with the appropriate two-letter ending (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, . Exercise 3-5 from the Working with Visual Logic eBook uses both if-else logic and a loop. 3-5. Please Try Again.

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