University Of Phoenix WEB 240 Week 3 Homework Help

Get help University of Phoenix WEB 240 Week 3 Homework Help. Wiley Student Materials site (student materials download) link. Submit your completed lesson files. Submit 350-700 words discussing what you covered in the lessons. Ch. 8, “Using Web Fonts,” of Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC Digital Classroom. Ch. 9, “Working with Tables,” of Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC Digital Classroom. You can read this textbook online in protected PDF format. To use the textbook in this format, you may choose to download the full ebook, or click the Download link in the tools bar above to see only the chapter you selected. Ch. 10, “Fine-Tuning Your Workflow,” of Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC Digital Classroom. Ch. 11, “Adding Video, Audio, and Interactivity,” of Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC Digital Classroom. Evaluate your assigned or chosen website using the evaluation form developed by your team during Week 2. Complete a comparative review of two additional websites with purposes and audiences similar to the assigned website you are evaluating.

Use the evaluation form to evaluate the site and two similar sites. Propose recommendations for improvement based on the evaluations. Develop a list of specific changes the team plans to implement to make the assigned website more effective. Submit your list of recommendations for improvement. Update the Website Evaluation Paper you developed last week. Incorporate any feedback and refine it so it covers the requested material in an effective manner. Update the redesigned homepage prototype as well as a redesigned secondary page prototype. Incorporate any feedback and refine on the work you did in the prior week. Submit the final evaluation paper and webpage prototypes. Learning Teams will be assigned or select a Virtual Organization website to redesign. Teams will evaluate the use of design principles within the site. They will also propose recommendations for improvements to the site and use a web design tool, such as Adobe®Dreamweaver®, to develop a visual mockup.

Each Learning Team must submit a 10- to 12-page written evaluation of the existing website, including recommendations for improvement and a prototype of proposed changes due in Week Five. The requirements for this project are covered in the following weeks. Wiley Student Materials site (student materials download) link. Submit your completed lesson files. Submit 350-700 words discussing what you covered in the lessons. Work together to create a list of essential design criteria for evaluating a website assigned to your team by your facilitator (if applicable) or a virtual organization. Evaluate the site to determine the intended purpose and audience. Pick at least 20 specific design criteria to evaluate. Organize the list using category headings. Format the list into a table or form. Include a descriptoin of each design criteria listed. Submit the completed website evaluation form. Create a redesigned homepage prototype and a redesigned secondary page prototype. For the prototype, Adobe® Dreamweaver® is recommended. This prototype must use HTML code. The paper must be consistent with APA guidelines. Submit your draft of the written evaluation and draft HTML prototype pages.

Provide a brief high level summary of the information about the website that is covered in the following items. Do this by covering the specific items in a single full paragraph. Have a paragraph or two here going over the topic of your website. Note the scope of what it will cover. Briefly note anything it will leave out, especially if that would seem to be a key part of what it is covering. Discuss the purpose of the site. Note why it is needed in general and specifically note why the users you are targeting have a need for such a site. This can include what would drive them to the site. Discuss the audience of the website here. Note who would fit in that audience, their geographical location, how many people are in the target group, their average age, how familiar they are with computers and the Internet and other relevant facts.

Make sure you discuss the most compelling thing you want the target audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site. Fill out the site map above with Word drawing tools in Week 3 and onward. Provide a description of the sitemap in this paragraph. Describe why the connections are where they are. Describe the purpose of the site form and what will be validated when the user submits it. Provide a brief paragraph summary of the information on the site in the rest of this document. Cover the specific details, at a high level in a single full paragraph. Put properly formatted references on this page. Provide APA details. Include inline citation for each showing where it is used. This is formatted correct, but should be replaced with a reference or removed if none are required by your instructor and you do not need any for this document. What are two site examples that have images or multimedia that are used effectively on the site? Why do you think they work well on the site? Include the URLs of the sites in your response for others to view your selections. Research the role of streaming media to support organizational objectives. What are three possible ways that streaming media can be used to accomplish the objectives of an organization? What are two benefits and two challenges that might be faced when implementing streaming media within an organization? Quote, cite, and reference your source(s) appropriately.