Use Bum Marketing to Write For the Internet

Bum marketing also known as article marketing is an effective method for directing traffic to your site.

It is a form of internet marketing which is free to use but will require some effort on your part. If used constantly it will produce a constant flow of traffic to your site.

The purpose of bum article is to help increase web traffic to your site and they are a lot of reasons why people build sites. Some people are niche marketers hoping to get a very exact market. Others are bloggers who want to generate traffic to their blog spot. The more people that stop at a site, the more money the site generates in ad revenue and product sales.

As a form of Internet marketing, bum marketing is intuitive. For example, if you have a skincare site, with a specific acne free product that you want to promote, you would  write  ten  articles  around the keyword “skincare.” “How to” and “5 Things You Should Know About”, are all examples of  articles  you could  write  with those keywords.

Once the  articles  are  written , you would submit them to a number of  article  submission sites under the proper categories with a link back to your website. People who are searching about this topic would read your article and follow the link to your site. If they pay for whatever product or service you are selling, or if your goal is to get traffic, your article has succeeded in effectively marketing your site.

Knowing that bum marketing is free and all you have to put in is your effort and time. It is always best to submit articles on a daily basis to see the results you want to see. But the more articles you do the more traffic you are directing to your site.