Use Essay Writing Services Warily

Most teachers, professors, and academics will tell you that it is wrong and unethical to use essay writing services, and they are absolutely right. Your school gives you essay writing exercises to sharpen your writing skills. By writing essays on your own, you also learn to think critically and develop your own ideas. So, it is best to write your own essays and write them well. Getting a customized essay written by an essay writing services is nothing less than copying: you are passing someone else’s work as your own. You don’t gain any deep understanding of the subject, and you pay the essay writing services for keeping you blissfully ignorant of the topic. But you also get marked on these essays, and sometimes you are saddled with a number of projects at the same time. It is quite possible to find one unable to come up with any decent ideas on a particularly boring topic, and the pushy tick tock of the clock doesn’t make things easy either.

Or if things are not going well in your personal life, it is not possible to come up with inspired writing on a number of uninteresting subjects. While using an essay writing service for every single project would only hurt your pocket and your brains, essay writing services can come in quite handy during tense times. And there are different kinds of essay writing services: there are content mills that promise to give your original and well-researched essay on any topic your need, but who actually just outsource your work non-academic writers. What you get is information from the net clubbed together in an unwieldy bulk-something that would not impress your teachers. There are also essay writing services with in-house teams of professional writers with long-term experienced in writing on numerous academic subjects. You can use their expertise in various ways: not only do such companies write customized essays for you; they are also willing to look through your essays and offer suggestions and corrections. This is a much better way of using their services: you don’t just copy paste the stuff they provide, but actually take part in the writing process and get better at your studies. For your own good, you must avoid falling into the trap of content mills-companies that provide essays and articles at low rates in bulk. If you act out of laziness and keep on paying money just because you’d rather play than work, you are in deep trouble. Also, teachers can easily make out when you have simply copy-pasted an article. If you have written an essay on a particular subject, but cannot answer elementary questions about the topic, your teacher will know what’s going on, and you can forget the idea of getting respectable grades. Essay writing services need to be used sparingly, and only as an emergency measure.

It’s essential that the service you choose knows for sure they are only hiring the best essay writers. This means that they’re academically qualified, able to write a well-structured essay and know how to research from reputable sources. Always make sure you check out the review my essay section of any writing service website you are considering using. Any reputable writing service will have no issue with displaying example essays from their writers which should be easy and free to access. If these aren’t present, then you should consider an alternate service. Is it written in correct English? Many cheaper sites use writers who aren’t native English speakers and it shows in badly worded essays with bad grammar and poor phrasing. Is the essay well researched? Is it researched from reputable sources and are the citations correct? Do the facts check out? Is the essay suitably sophisticated for the academic level its written at?

The first place to check is the review section of the actual site. Are the reviews good on the whole? If you find that every review is a five-star review, this can raise alarm bells as the reviews could be fake (this isn’t always the case, but I have found that it can be). If you are suspicious of the reviews, use a search engine such as Google and search for off-site reviews which are more impartial. If this is your first time thinking of using a writing service, you are sure to have questions. How Do I Know if A Site is Legit? Check out my guide (above) to choosing the right site for you including tips to make sure the site is legit. How do Your Reviews Work? I check every aspect of the sites I review including writing samples, the hiring process of the writers and customer feedback both on and off the site. From this, I determine whether or not the service is reliable and well put together.

I then check pricing and the support systems to ensure I only recommend good services. You Recommended a Site and I’m Not Sure About It. What Should I Do? I make every effort to ensure our reviews are accurate and I am confident I would never recommend a site that is scamming customers. Having said that, if you don’t feel completely comfortable with anything on a site, then I would advise you to find a site that you feel more comfortable with. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, choosing a writing service is subjective and your dream writing won’t always be the same as someone else’s. Where Do You Find Writing Services? I constantly check search engines and industry newsletters to find any new writing sites that have started. I also follow up on any customer recommendations or requests to review sites I haven’t discovered yet. Is Using a Writing Service Cheating?