(Valley Forge)

? The requirements for the Discussion Ques/Essay are as follows:
? – Minimum of 10 thoughtful, well-argued sentences, 2 paragraphs. Less will not be graded. Grade will remain a Zero.
? “Herr Gr?ttrup setzt sich hin””Herr Gr?ttrup setzt sich hin”- Argument cannot be lifted directly out of the book. This is about your critical thinking and analysis abilities, not about your ability to copy and paste.
? – You may take short quotations from the text in support of your argument. Any entire passage lifted directly from the book will get a Zero.
? – You can answer all or part of the questions. Make sure your answer is in essay form. Do not list your answers.
? – Do not use any outside sources. Do not cite. READ the documents/slides I provide and use them as the basis for your essay.

These questions will be on the quiz. The questions are also at the end of the discussion PowerPoint.
Discussion Question:

Using information from the book, powerpoint and Valley Forge document included in this chapter, imagine you are a soldier at Valley Forge. You are writing a letter home to your wife.

Describe the conditions; (weather, food, clothing),men that have been lost through death or desertion, what you think of General Washington and the French, why you think you’re fighting, and the prospects for America as an independent country from Britain.

Do you think of yourself as American or British, why?

How much longer do you think the war can go on, why?