Watch the “Should I Live, Should I Die? Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder” video.

What are some ways that the symptoms manifest in behavior for BPD? What are some treatment options?



  1. How has society encouraged addictions? Provide examples in your response.


  1. Can personality disorders be treated? Explain your answer.


  1. Please watch the video in the link below, and write a response about what the video was about as well as your opinion on the subject.




  1. Please write an explanation of something you found interesting in Chapter 10.


  1. Please write an explanation of something you found interesting in Chapter 11



Please participate (respond) to the classmate’s answers with POSITIVE notable and educational input. (200 word minimum Reponses)



  1. Laurie: Millions are addicted to prescription medications. Antidepressants, amphetamines, and opiate painkillers are seen as the solution to an incredibly wide variety of ailments, and patients rarely hesitate to take them. They may be legal, but these drugs are just as addictive and dangerous as their illicit counterparts. When doctors prescribe a medication that can be addicting they should follow up with the patient. America’s obesity problem indicates our obsession with instant gratification. Sugar, fast food, and convenience items are the staples in this country, and research has shown that they can be nearly as addictive as drugs and alcohol. And – similar to drug addicts – obese people are often viewed with scorn for their supposed lack of willpower. When a family is struck with addiction, the effects go far beyond numbers and statistics. The emotions of failure, depression, anger, disparity, confusion, and sheer terror that addiction inflicts on its victims and their families is not something any statistic can accurately describe. Every day, millions of people struggle with addiction and millions more watch with feelings of hopelessness, as addiction coldly and systematically destroys lives. With informative websites like Treatment Centers and others, they do all they can to educate the public on addiction. But most will tell you that until you go through it, or watch a loved one go through it, there is no way to fully encompass the true effects of addiction.



  1. Nichole: Some of the symptoms of BPD include; the fear of being abandonments, relationship instability,unstable self-image or identity, self-destruction behaviors, suicidal tendencies, infliction of self injury, anger management problems, paranoia escalated by stress, instability of interpersonal relationships patterns, distorted self image, and impulsive behaviors noticeable starting in early adulthood, the manifestation of these symptoms are usually at least five of these behaviors. Two treatments options for Borderline Treatment disorders  are  medications that assist with controlling the conditions such as anxiety, depression, and impulsive behaviors that correlate with the symptoms that accompany the disorder. Usually there are a combination of medications to control the specificity of the client. Another treatment is exercise that is regimented, a sleep pattern, specific diet that is nutritious, following medication schedules, and regular appointments with a therapist to discuss the progress, or lack of. These treatments do not cure BPD but reduce the symptoms manifestation of the symptoms will increase if the client doesn’t follow the advise of medical structures that are put in place for them. Revising the medications is important, especially informing the client of the side effects, and making sure that the client is educated about them and feels confident in confiding in the medical professional to revise medications is imperative.

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