watch video and answer questions 7

Watch 5 parts of the video

1. In the first clip (1 of 5), we learn about Paul Bremer’s legislation of the Iraqi State in 2013. What were the components of this, and how do they connect to the larger parts of the neoliberal model?
2. Why does Harvey say that an ‘American Colossus’ or “American Empire” story is insufficient or wrong here?
3. In the Harvey lecture (3 of 5 and 4 of 5), Harvey looks at the case study of NYC in 1975. Recount the story of NYC in the 1970s (what Harvey calls the “structural adjustment”) and then tell me why this is important.
4. Harvey argues that the neoliberal turn is a “class” project, beginning with think tanks, to dispossess the working-classes of their income and education (“accumulation through dispossession”). How could you ‘read against the grain’ of this idea?
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