We are conducting this review because we have received multiple requests to do so. Before we begin discussing our experiences and detailing the pros & cons of working with HomeworkMarket, take a look at the steps we followed in order to research Homework Market. We researched the company and read customer reviews. We searched the BBB for Homework Market. There were no complaints logged. However, we should note that the address given appears to be for a student post office box near the University of Florida. This could mean this is a student enterprise or that an offshore company is renting the box in order to have an American business address. This could be a sign that this is a fraud or scam. We ordered academic services in order to evaluate writing quality. It’s important to note that this is a homework service, and not strictly a writing service. Essentially, students log into the website and enter their assignment.

This could be a writing assignment such as a research paper or essay. Once the student posts their assignment, they begin receiving inquiries via pop up chat windows. This is where writers offer to complete the posted assignment and indicate how much they will charge. We requested two assignments be completed, both were 1200 word essays for college freshmen on relatively simple topics. We found that we instantly distrusted the site as a whole. It’s poorly designed, and difficult to navigate. That’s made even worse by the fact that you are bombarded with pop ups from writers attempting to sell their services with you. We found it to be quite spammy. In addition to this reliability is also a problem. For example, we received on essay on time and as promised. The other was late, and we received no valid explanation for that. This is in spite of the fact that both writers had glowing testimonials.

Both essays we ordered had significant quality issues. However, one was quite a bit better than the other. Still, the overall writing was poor, the writing showed little insight, and we believe both assignments were completed by someone who is not a native English speaker. We intentionally selected bids that had prices reflecting industry standards. The only way to get discounts in any sense is to choose the lowest possible bid. There is no way to use a promo code, and the site mentions nothing about coupon codes. There are no other considerations at this time. While most academic writing services offer premium services, share interesting content, or have special offers, we saw no evidence of that here. We absolutely cannot recommend HomeworkMarket at this time. It is clear to us that they don’t have any processes in place to properly train or vet out the ‘professionals’ that bid on their site. As a result, the overall quality is completely unpredictable. That’s simply not acceptable for students who need to be sure that their assignments are completed both quickly and accurately. We highly recommend using a site that has earned a higher rating. The chaotic nature of the website, constant spamming, and red flags we saw about the veracity of this business also contributed to our negative conclusions.

When my advisor left on sabbatical I’d basically had four months of experience in her lab; keep in mind that my previous research experience was theoretical chemistry so stuff like Rebuilding Equipment were completely alien to me. Somehow I’ve managed to survive. I’ve debugged both the new methodology and the old one so they’re ready for field samples. I’ve trained a first-year grad to run one of the methods so we can each be working on one when we get out in the field next year. I freely admit that I would have been a LOT more efficient if Dr. Hand-Waver had been in her office down the hall instead of 2,000 miles away, but I always managed to figure things out eventually. How I am surviving: basically, we spend one hour per week on the phone or Skype. And we email a lot. Of course there are weeks when she’s so wrapped up in what she’s doing that we end up canceling the weekly meeting and just send more emails–but that happened when she was here, too.

I would say that overall we communicate about as much as we did before–the only difference is that we no longer say hi as we pass in the hall. Oh, and she’s talking about bringing me out to the East Coast in the spring, once the waterways have thawed, so we can do fieldwork together. DO anything active about it. So when he left for a 6-month sabbatical, it basically just meant no horrid lab meetings! I continued to run my own research and progress. Now I’m postdoc-ing and my nonacademic partner is up for an international posting in Europe in 2 years, so I’m conveniently planning to end my postdoctoral stint in time to take my own “sabbatical” with him. We lived apart for 6 months between my end of PhD and postdoc and I don’t want to do that again! I just want to know if I should continue with an advisor who did not bother to tell me she would be on Sabbatical next Semester.

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