Web Writing Tips for Beginners

Writing web articles is not the same as academic writing. People who look for information on the internet are focused on keywords and prefer writings that can be read easily and fast. It is important that you can grab their attention so they will be interested on your article. For aspiring web writers, here are some tips to help   you  in creating well-written articles.

  • Be comfortable. An effective  writings  style is one that  you  are comfortable doing with. This means that when  you   write ,  you  have to be yourself. It will allow you to easily express and organize your thoughts. Thus,  writing  will just be a natural thing  for   you .
  • Use powerful titles. The first thing that your reader will see on your article is the title. You need to get the attention of your readers by being creative and playful when creating your headlines. Use a title that people are usually interested with and incorporate action verbs.
  • Create Subtitles. Subtitles are summary of your writing. The reader will have an overview of what your articles is all about. This is helpful because some readers would want to scan first the content of the article so they can check if the information they are looking for is in your article.
  • Be accurate. Your reader are relying on the information  you  provide so it is important that what  you   write  factual. If you are sharing a story, it should be based from experience. This will show your honesty and sincerity as a writer.
  • Use simple words. A writer’s goal is to convey his message to his readers. Using simple words is recommended since your readers are internet users which can be anybody (young, adult, professionals, student etc.). However, if  you  are  writing  for a particular audience, then  you  need to use words that match with your intended readers.
  • Be concise. Organize your thoughts in short sentences as much as possible. Eliminate unnecessary words or phrases without changing the original meaning of your writing. People, who use internet to look for information, prefer easy-to-understand articles. A good writing has few words but meaty sentences.
  • Always proofread. It is a good habit to check what  you   wrote  before submitting or uploading it to  websites . Make necessary corrections if you happen to see a grammar, spelling or punctuation error. If the  website  has set a style guide, ensure that your  writing  is formatted accordingly.
  • Be resourceful.  You  can use the internet to look for inspiration on your  writing . Check out the websites of good writers and read their articles. They can provide you an idea on how they become successful and make it as your guide.  You  can also subscribe to  websites  that provides  writing  tutorials to enhance your skills.

Now  you  can start  writing  an article by applying the tips discussed above. Remember to have passion on what you do to make your journey an enjoyable one!