Website Promotion Using Article Marketing

I see one common theme on the online webmaster forums repeatedly, everyone wants to know what method of website promotion is the one that will get their website noticed. It seems that every person who is looking to make money online has one thing in common. They are looking for something that is right in front of their face, or more commonly they are looking for something that just isn’t there. The fact is that you should take one or two of these forms of website promotion and learn to do it properly.

My favorite by far is article marketing, this is the single most in-expensive yet powerful method of website promotion anyone can do. That is if you advertise with articles properly. There is a basic simple science behind article marketing.

The biggest mistake I see with   website  promoters is that they  write  one or two articles, targeting the exact same keywords as their  website . What sense does this make? NONE! If your website is not ranking your keywords, than what makes these people think that a article will? Simple, they were told to write some articles, and it will work.

If you are going to do website promotion using article marketing or any form of advertisement, do the proper research and learn exactly how it works. If not just hire someone to do it for you, there are freelancers all over the Internet who would be happy to do this for you. How can you be sure they know what they are doing? offers a service that is much like ebay, its just services instead of products. If someone doesn’t provide the service they promised, than you don’t pay.

If you do want to learn the simple science of website promotion using article marketing, than read on. Lets say your website, or affiliate link is targeting the keyword “find a job.” This is a very popular keyword that you won’t even come close to ranking for with a new website. So here is where the articles come in to play.

You will first need to do some keyword research, has a free tool that will work best for this. All you have to do is type in your main keyword, and it will give you a number of related key phrases. Copy and paste this list into a file with notepad or word pad. Take each of these keywords or key phrases and type them into the tool to get more related key terms. Then all you need to do is select the keywords with the most amount of average searches, and least amount of competition (it will show you this beside each key term) you will need the best 200-300.

Now that  you  have the best keywords and key phrases,  you  can start  writing  or hiring writers for your articles. Target 3 to 4 keywords/key phrases with every article, including your main key phrase “find a job” with with every article as well. Now you are creating catching a traffic with a filtered funnel.

What does “filtered” mean? This means that the surfers who are just surfing from site to site will keep going, and the people who are in need of what your site has to offer, will follow through to your website.

Why don’t you want the surfers? Google ranks mostly on popularity, but also ranks based on relevancy of your content to the keyword that is searched. They base your relevancy on the average time a user stays on your site, if your average user is only on your site for 30 seconds than obviously its not very relevant.

When you are submitting your articles, you will be allowed to place links in the author resource box. Normally I will post about three links here. Three? I thought we were trying to get traffic to my site, or affiliate link? Remember I said Google based rankings mainly on popularity? They base popularity on the amount of incoming links for a particular page, so place links to two of your other articles on top, and a link to your site on the bottom in a different color, or larger size if its allowed. Let them surf around for a while, they are still in your network so don’t worry. After they read a couple of articles they will notice the same link, and curiosity will bring them to your site, or your affiliate link.

Tip: When creating links, put your keyword in the link ~ ex. “find a job in Chicago Illinois” that will obviously be pointing one of your other articles which targets that key term.

Tip: An example of a link to your site would be: Find a job today, we will walk you trough the process from creating your resume to successfully becoming the boss!

Tip: You can also sell these links. Webmaster are constantly looking to increase one way links to there site. Sell them for 3.00 per month (which is a steal) and you are now making $300 per month, which almost covers the entire cost of hiring me to set up this system for you!