Week 12 Assignment: Develop a Final Abbreviated Research Proposal

Final Research Methodology Proposal
Throughout this course, you have explored different research methodologies and corresponding designs to learn more about research methods and identify possible research topics of interest. Using this information and instructor feedback, develop a final abbreviated research proposal. This final assignment in the course is not designed for you to produce a milestone document, such as a concept paper or a dissertation proposal, to be approved. It should be used as an opportunity to explore and revise a possible dissertation research topic of interest in the context of a chosen research methodology and corresponding design with instructor feedback. Because you have completed three different abbreviated research proposals, this final assignment will require you to choose either a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods approach with a corresponding design for further development and refinement. Ensure alignment between each component of your final abbreviated research proposal using Krathwohl?s Chain of Reasoning. Your final abbreviated research proposal should reflect a high level of academic writing, APA formatting, maintain objectivity and refrain from advocating, and contain in-text peer-reviewed resources to support all assertions and research decisions.
Using all information learned and assembled from the entire course, the readings, and feedback from your instructor, develop a final abbreviated research proposal that includes the following components:
1 Revise and restate your introduction presenting the background of your topic using only in-text peer-reviewed resources.
2 Revise and restate your statement of the problem, purpose of the research, research question(s), and hypotheses (i.e., quantitative methodology only)
3 Revise and restate your chosen research methodology and corresponding design with a description of how data will be collected and analyzed.
4 Revise and restate ways to support ethical considerations, validity, and reliability as well as note limitations within your proposal.
Your proposal should be labelled, ?Final Research Methodology Proposal,? with a corresponding ?Title? and contain the following overall sections:
1 Introduction
2 Statement of the Problem
3 Purpose of the Research
4 Research Question(s)
5 Hypotheses (quantitative methodology only)
6 Research Methodology and Design
7 Data Collection
8 Data Analysis
9 Ethical Considerations, Validity, Reliability, Limitations
Length: 12 pages, not including a title or reference pages
References: Minimum of seven scholarly references