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Now that you have your main idea sentence that articulates an argument, you can construct the rest of your paragraph. The first portion you add is evidence. As a scholar, you paraphrase—using your own words and sentence structure—to effectively integrate that evidence with your overall argument. You also give credit to the source through APA citations.
In this Discussion, you work on identifying and paraphrasing evidence in support of your argument from Week 2.
To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the Week 2 Discussion for your main idea sentence as well as any feedback received.
Review the Learning Resources on paraphrasing and citations.
Read the provided research article.

By Day 4
Post your initial 1- to 2-paragraph response that addresses the following:

Post your main idea sentence from Week 2, revised according to any feedback received.
What is evidence you can use from the article to support your main idea sentence? Find two pieces of evidence from the article and paraphrase them. Be sure to include an APA citation for any sentences that include paraphrased material.
Additionally, reflect on the process of paraphrasing the evidence. Pose any questions and/or explain challenges that came up during the process.

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