What Sources Can You Use For A Research Paper

13 people found this useful What are the best sources to use for research and why? Books, you know that someone didn’t hack, or change a book. It will either pull up a secondary page of the same topic, or it will not allow you to edit the page. Sites with a “.com” the “com” stands for commercial and are sites that I wouldn’t trust for a research paper or anything. You can trust more “.org” or “.net”, “.gov” sites. I believe “org” is “organization”, “net” is “network” and “gov” is “governmental”. If you search something on wiki, and in the bibliography page if they have sites posted, I would search those. Because then you get your information straight from the document. How do you write source cards for a research paper? Internet Source Cards 1. Author 2. Title 3. Date Published 4. Name of Website (Just the website. 5. Web. (Y…es, just write web with a period after.) 6. URL 7. Date Acquired For questions just comment and I’ll find the info for you. Which part of a research paper provides an organized list of the sources used?

Share to: What are the list of sources that are used to write research paper? This depends on the topic of research and the level of study you are doing. Typically it would involve text books and published articles from peer reviewed journals.. Alterna…tivly you could be asking what such a list is called. It is a bibliography if the sources are background reading and not cited in the text or a reference section, if the sources have been cited in text. How do you cite a source in a research paper? There is actually a really good website that will cite your sources for you if you provide the information. MLA, APA) Also, if you want to cite a book and you know the ISBN, all you have to do is type it in the appropriate section, and the website will fill in the rest of the information (ie. What are some sources for research papers?

The answer will depend on the topic. Presumably, you already have some knowledge of the subject o…r are doing a course, in which case you can expect some guidance on this. What is copying a quotation from an electronic journal to use in your research paper without citing the sources? Plagiarism. Share to: Wikipedia is an appropriate source for research papers? It depends on the level, but for serious scholarly and scientific papers, you need to use much more reliable sources. Share to: Does a citaiton identify the source of research material used in writing or quoting of information in your paper? Share to: What is a credible source for a research paper? A rule of thumb when looking for credible sources for a research paper is: 1. Looking for a website that cannot be edited by just anyone (e.g. Wikipedia). 3. Looking at spelling on a website, as well as grammar. If there are such types of mistakes on the website, it probably means the website isn’t reputable. Which research sources will you use to start your research? Generally it depends what type of information you are looking for.

Searching best sources online is a tedious task given the amount of sources available. You need have an idea… of which sources provide what type of information. I found useful in solving this specific problem. Why do you cite your sources in a research paper? There are actually two reasons to cite sources. First, we cannot assess the reliability of your paper unless we know what sources you used, so that we can assess the reliabili…ty of your sources. Secondly, if we wish to investigate further, we may wish to go to those sources for further data. Answered In Academic Writing What is the role of sources in a research paper? Sources have a number of roles: . They provide evidence and support for what you say. They enable you to discuss evidence that may seem to run counter to what you claim. …. They allow readers to see where your claims and ideas come from and to verify them. For example, if a reader thinks you have misunderstood another scholar or scientist, he or she can check on that. The kinds of sources used can help readers assess on what level you have conducted your research. Answered In Academic Writing What is the main use of a source for a research paper? Sources provide information and evidence. Share to: Answered In Academic Writing How do you know when sources are reliable for a research paper? Share to: Answered In Research Papers When writing a research paper why should you never use wikipedia as a source? We need to know the format in order to accurately answer thisquestion.

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