When Money is an Issue – Finding Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Just because you are short on money, does not mean that you can’t find bridesmaid dresses in your budget.  Cheap  does not necessarily mean poor quality. In fact, if you look beyond the bridesmaid-specific market, you can find an amazing array of suitable bridesmaid attire at very  cheap  prices.

First of all, you need to consider what you really need. Is it important that all your bridesmaids match perfectly? If not, you can often save a lot of money by buying dresses that match in color, but not necessarily in style. Do your dresses need to be new? Often bridesmaid dresses are only worn once, and frequently you can find excellent deals on used dresses. Do you really need satin, or velvet? Many dresses are made from less expensive materials, and still look fantastic.

To find  cheap  bridesmaid dresses, try looking in your local department stores. Often the dresses in the regular sections are very nice, and can be perfectly suitable for your wedding party. Many department stores also offer the same style in a range of sizes, which makes it easier to accommodate bridesmaids who may not be of average size or shape.

Another place to look is in discount stores that sell “seconds”. These “seconds” are dresses that may have minor flaws in them that can easily be covered up, or repaired. Because of the flaws, the dresses are priced significantly lower than the equivalent dress.

If you don’t mind used dresses, take a look at local consignment shops. Many of these dresses have only been worn once, and are in excellent condition. You might need to sacrifice on having the wedding party all look the same, but the savings are significant.

Having your gowns custom made is another great way to save money. With a range of styles and types of cloth available at fabric stores, you can choose exactly what you want, without the cost of a pre-made dress. Many fabric stores have sales on a regular basis, or you might get a discount membership card to use. Talk to the seamstress before buying the material, so you know what it will cost to have the dresses made, and how much material you need.

Weddings are expensive enough as it is. If you can find  cheap  bridesmaid dresses, you can save a lot of money, which could be better used for other aspects of your wedding.  Cheap  bridesmaid dresses can be just as nice as expensive ones, and no-one needs to know the difference.