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Have you ever been perplexed by the assignment you got from your professor? Well, I will not be surprised if the answer is “Yes”. As a student, I am always in a hurry and lack sufficient amount of time to devote it to the resolving of my study tasks. It was overwhelming me more and more. So, one say I decided to stop procrastinating and set the ball rolling. I surfed the Internet for a long time and tried to find an appropriate writing service with affordable prices and, of course, good quality. Some girl said that she was quite satisfied with the result she got working with this service. I usually do not trust people handing their advice to the public but in my complex situation, I dared to do that. My college professor in literature gave me a task to complete a middle-sized essay on “The principle of cyclicity in the novel “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte”. The number of pages should have ranged from 4 to 6 and shouldn’t have included any copied paragraphs.

To say the least of it, I was surprised with both the topic and the requirements. I am not a connoisseur of literature and was puzzled what to start from! I have read this several critiques about “Wuthering Heights” (the novel I had already read several months ago). Finally, I did find out some appropriate information but could not put it together. So, I decided to turn to Essayontime with, frankly speaking, some precautions. And see what I have to tell you! Though the information on a landing page is rather scarce, it is very brief and allows you to understand the main points of the website. You see the place where you can place your order and email. They also offer you a great performance, lowest prices and enhanced security which may seem vague and such words do not give the information needed. Despite this, they really possess all the features listed and fulfill their promises very quickly! As far as their reaction is concerned, it is quite swift. That was one of the lowest prices I saw online while looking for the service to help me.

That’s a real rip-off! Frankly speaking, it’ s worth that because the paper I got surpassed my expectations and I got A in my literature class. As far as writers are concerned, I would say that they are all qualified professionals (at least the one I got). The person asked me several questions concerning the requirements to the essay, what time I had to complete it and some other subtleties he needed. And imagine, that’s it! In a stipulated day, I got an essay that I was really satisfied with. I know that Essayontime can fulfill your paper even in 1 day if you have really tight deadlines. As for me, I had one week to complete my essay and the writer did it in 3 days! He sent a file to me with some questions whether he needed to change something or add some additional info. I read it and felt it was perfect enough to hand it in. I would put 4.5 out of 5 to this custom writing service. It is quick, precise and customer-friendly! I didn’t expect my essay to be finished in 3 days but they did it and did it at a top-notch level. The thing that I didn’t like first is the way their website is organized. It lacks some specificities and can easily puzzle the visitor. You have also the possibility to read some review left by students. My work proved to be really quality and informative. The writer managed to combine his knowledge of the literature theory and the attains of the plot. My professor was completely satisfied with the work and put me A! I even didn’t expect that because I was ready to get B and did not mind having that grade.

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