Who Moved My Cheese: Book Review

First let me tell you that if you are like me when it comes to reading books, the you don’t read may if at all. All those words and no pictures – what the heck! I dont have time to read books – is that bad? I’m sure it is BUT! I was given a book to read recently that I carry with me everyday and refer back to often. I know your next question -what book did you read that made that big a change?

Let me give you a little background – readers digest version. High School Grad. took a year off before I was going to college and never did. Married at a very early age, no skills except what came naturally. Struggled all my life and quite frankly afraid to fail but it seemed that was the only result I could come up with. Fast forward to the future – I was afforded the opportunity to work with one of the largest company in the nation. Who me? So here I go – trying my best in an all commission position, scared to death of not making any money. Constantly looking an my checking accounts dwindling balance. Not a pretty site. Then – I was given this book Called “Who Moved My Cheese” WOW! what a book!

I looked at it and my usual self was already making lite of it until I opened it and started to read it. That was when all bets were off. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever read a book that was life applicable. By that I mean you can take the principles in the book and apply them to your life no matter where you are in your life? That is this book. This book has only 74 pages and even if you are a slow reader you can knock it out in 2 hours. The premis of this book is based on who you are now compared to the characters and how to make a change in your life to be like one of the other characters. The author Dr. Spencer Johnson has turley boiled it down to who do you want to be like and what what are you willing to do to change. My friends this is a MUST READ! No matter what walk of life you come from get it and read it! – You can find it either online or in your local book store. If you are a book lover, check out the link below it may be something of interest.