Why Article Marketing is Often Used in Website Flipping

More often than not, if you were to look into resources regarding website flipping you’d find that article marketing is one of those traffic generation activities that is recommended. Quite frankly, it almost seems impossible to discuss website flipping without alluding to article marketing at some stage or other. This makes sense, especially considering the fact that you’re going to want to get as much traffic as possible – right?

Truth be told, the hallmark of article marketing is that it provides two great benefits that can help enhance a website and boost its value before it is eventually flipped. First and foremost among these benefits is the fact that it provides traffic, and thus you’ll be able to channel more potential customers to your website. Unlike other traffic generation methods however, article marketing has the added advantage of being able to produce highly targeted traffic that has already been pre-sold within the article itself.

As such, you’ll find that if you structure your articles well, and target the right keywords, you will be able to get more sales from your article marketing traffic than most other forms of traffic generation!

On top of that, the second benefit of article marketing is that it provides much needed backlinks that will help to boost your standing with search engines. Search engine traffic doesn’t pre-sell your products, but it is one of the largest sources of traffic around and it will definitely be able to provide you with a truckload of highly targeted traffic. Due to this, it is immensely appealing to potential buyers – which makes it worth pursuing!

All things said and done, these are the two main reason why article marketing is often used in website flipping. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks as well. While most articles get published fairly quickly in most of the better article directories, some may take longer. Also, even once published it will take a while before your articles are able to channel traffic to your website reliably, and even longer before the backlinks that they provide actually bear fruit in terms of your search engine rankings.

This delay is something that is definitely not conducive to certain types of website flipping. So, if you were intending to ‘quickly’ flip a website within a week or so, article marketing might not be the best method to pursue. On the other hand, if you’re willing to wait and let your efforts bear fruit, you won’t be disappointed!