Why did Chartism fail during this period?

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The purpose of this essay
is to ” Give a clear statement of your purpose, and then explain how you are going to try
and achieve it. Address the essay question directly in your introduction, and keep it in mind
constantly. The introduction should also include an outline of what you intend to cover in
your essay (and if necessary it should explain your method or approach).
Stick to the question. Every paragraph should be relevant.
Don’t provide an unbroken narrative of events, without any analytical discussion. The best
way to organize an essay is to make a plan, in which basic themes are listed in order of their
importance. The essay should explore these themes one by one, and the arguments you
present in each paragraph must be supported with sufficient evidence, examples, and detail.
Spend most time on the important themes, less time on the aspects that don’t seem so
Mention the work of other historians to back up your argument. Use short quotations
from their books or articles and explain why you agree or disagree with their arguments.
Use footnotes or endnotes for references and citations. The correct format is given in the
History Study Guide. Notes must be neat and consistent.
thats the lecturer instructions as written .