Latin American Paper

In answering each question, you must write 5 paragraphs. It must have an introduction, a body and a

conclusion. Your essay will be evaluated in terms of knowledge of the material, clarity and

organization of ideas, and analysis. IN answering the questions provide as many facts as you

can���.be very generous with the reader!!! (Total value: 100 pts.)

Please use some quotes from the articles and try to use the articles posted to answer the question


Question 6

Vicente Fox���s electoral victory in 2000 marked the end of the PRI to 70 years of PRI control.

What changed in Mexico under Fox What are the achievements and failures of Fox���s

administration Please consider economic, political and social aspects. (Note: You must read the

articles by Schedler (���Mexico���s Victory���,��� 2000), Starr (2002) and Lawson (2004).)

Question 7

7. Why did the PRI win the elections in 2012 Has the PRI changed What are the implications

of this victory for democracy in Mexico (Note: You must read Flores-Mac��as��� ���Mexico���s 2012

Elections: The Return of the PRI.���)

Question 8

8. Why and how criminal violence challenge democracy in Mexico (Note: You need to read