Why Do I Write – A Masochists Dream

My website administrator has given me an assignment. I am to write an article and explain why it is that I write. That sounded so simple until I sat staring at this blank expanse of white. Do you want the dramatic version, or the logical one that almost makes sense; well at least if you know me? Oh heck, I’m just going to start writing and see what comes out. Let me tell you what I believe about words to begin with, and because I believe some of my most profound statements come out in rhyme that’s how you are going to get them. What is this place? Why it is SO unique! Look, I have eyes, and a face, are those FEET? There’s a blob on my face. I shall call it a nose. And those wiggly things on my feet, shall be toes. At the end of my hands, are those fingers or toes? I guess it’s my choice, cause who really knows. I wore on my foot, an umbrella or shoe? I hope you get the drift of that poem.

And what I do with my writing is take those words and weave them into a poem or a story to communicate to you, or to anyone else interested in reading what passed through my mind. I write because sometimes I need to release ideas that have formed. Seeing the clarity or confusion of my thoughts on paper helps me to sort them out and figure out exactly how I feel about things. I express my deepest feelings in my poems, and if any of them make you cry you should know that my face was probably wet as well. My dearest friends tell me to write when they know I am in a mood about something, because they know that writing heals me. I can’t tell you why it works that way though I know it does; maybe it’s just a release. That was the dramatic version. The logical one is that I am better at expressing myself in writing.

Not so very long ago I went back to college to attain some academic credentials and also to take any and all classes that would help me become a better writer. To obtain a degree I had to take a speech class. You’d think I would be pretty good with words. And maybe, just maybe, someone else out there agrees with me and is just sitting back and keeping quiet too. Maybe some things do need to be changed, and maybe my words will instigate that change. I’m not worried about being politically correct anymore, and if someone criticizes me for being irrational I just write it off to menopause. I’ve found that to be a wonderfully effective excuse! I write because there are things I want to say. I hope you find them interesting as you read them! Marie Pacha “exploded onto the writing scene” in 2001. Her first two ebooks are soon to be re-released in hard copy and her latest two are in bookstores now.

The Rosenthal effect or the experimenter expectancy effect. Question 32. : A panel of investigators discovered that a researcher who completed a major study has unconsciously rated attractive females as better counselors. Question 34. : Three years ago an inpatient dependency center in a hospital asked their clients if they would like to undergo an archaic form of therapy created by William Reich known as “vegotherapy”. Approximately half of the clients stated that they would stick with the tried-and-true program of the center. Outcome data on their drinking was compiled at the end of seven weeks. Today–three years later–a statistician compared the two groups based on their drinking behavior at the end of the seven weeks using a t test. Question 35. The WAIS-III IQ test is given to 100 adults picked randomly. How many of the adults most likely would receive an IQ score between 85 and 115? Question 36. : A researcher creates a new motoric test in which clients throw a baseball at a target 40 feet away.

Sam and Jeff’s scores will stay about the same if they take the test again. Sam and Jeff will both score over 95 next time. Sam’s score will increase while Jeff’s will go down. Sam will beat Jeff if they both are tested again. Question 38. : There are two distinct types of developmental studies. In a cross-sectional study, clients are assessed at one point in time. Question 39. : A counselor educator, Dr. Y, is doing research on his classes. He hypothesizes that if he reinforces students in his morning class by smiling each time a student asks a relevant questions, then more students will ask questions and exam grades will go up. Betty and Linda accidentally overhear Dr. Y discussing the experiment with the department chairman. Betty is a real people pleaser and decides that she will ask lots of questions and try to help Dr. Y confirm his hypothesis. Linda, nevertheless, is angry that she is being experimented on and promises Betty that Dr. Y could smile until the cows came in but she still wouldn’t ask a question.