why service stinks Reflection

There is a book called ‘why service stinks’. I want you to write 2 full pages on your reflection of it. I will write down here what the head title of it and you can come up with stuff. the book is about restaurant so it should be about it.


  • When costumer talks
  • think like a costumer
  • sample your service
  • learn to listen
  • check out the other guys

You are to write 2 page about them.




Research the National Restaurant Association website, write up the most important information- 1-2 page




I have visited a restaurant called ‘legal sea food’ and I spoke with the maneger he told me about the retaurant and about its kitchen and other stuff about the restaurant. there are enough information on online. I want you to write 2 page of critiques of the visited restaurant as if you were me. write what you think ho you like it.