Digital Media by definition according to Wikipedia is “electronic media that work on digital codes”. So what does that really mean from an advertising perspective, as really that is what the internet really is, one big advert! You can learn about things, and you can create products which you then sell which demonstrate your knowledge and process which you may have learnt.

The Digital Media Academy at Stamford University offer certificates in 3D Animation, Film Production and Web Design. Therefore we can accept by proxy that these are the areas which we refer to when using the term “Digital Media”.

So if we accept that digital media exists, what are the different types of digital media that are available and more importantly how can they help my business I hear you ask!

Websites: A website is your space on the internet when you can do whatever you like. However, if you have a product or service you will probably want to sell your product or service through this medium. Alternatively you may way to sell someone else’s product or service through your website acting as an affiliate, where you may earn commissions on any revenues or sales which you generate.

The skill with a website is to ensure that if features highly on search for the keywords which you believe are relevant to your business area. This can take time, there are several important factors to consider to improve your search engine ranking: Content – The more content you have around a particular area or subject the more likely you are to feature, second the number of links which you have pointing to your website will in time increase your position within the search engines. Ultimately the skill of a website is to generate as much traffic as possible.

Videos: Video can generate huge traffic if they are promoted in the right way. This can be a great way of doing the following things: Building a relationship and rapport with your future clients. Getting your content in front of people that otherwise would not have seen it. Demonstrating your expertise in a particular area and also generating traffic!

Articles: The written word can be a great way of explaining whatever it is you do. Article marketing can be a great way to do this. You can really build up a following when you are regularly writing on a particular topic or subject. Again this can build the relationship with the people who read your content.

There are lots of new fangled ways of distributing your content around the internet. Some of these require technical ability, some require software which you need to purchase. However if you are investing the time and effort in generating the content you should be considering how it is distributed. Even if you are to just social bookmark each of the websites where it is placed, this is extremely important.

In summary social media has to be considered as part of your business plan, as there are more and more people that are transacting business online. The question is are you?

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