Why You Should Use Analytics on Your Site

Running a website can be one of the most enjoyable jobs that you can have. There are several reasons why someone might run a website (or multiple sites), but the main thing that people want their sites to have is visitors. Why would you make a site if you wanted no-one to see it? The simple answer is that you wouldn’t. But how do we know if people are visiting our website? We can use Google Analytics on our website to measure just this (and so much more).

In the ‘old days’ (around 10 years ago) most people had a simple counter displayed on their website that kept a total of all of the visitors that the site has had in its lifetime. This is fine for someone that only wants to know the total amount, but for those that want to dig a little deeper (you might want to know if the number of visitors you are getting is increasing or decreasing, and where they are coming from, for example) this is a rather crude way of doing things.

That’s why Google invented their Analytics module (which is completely free to use), so that everyone could know the ins and outs of their site, and so that they could work on improving it. If, for example, you want to know which keywords people are typing in to the search engines and are finding your site by, you can. You can also find out which countries (and cities) people are visiting your site from. This information is priceless, as you can use it to promote your site further.