In your discussion post:

Provide a summary of the hostage incident. Describe the circumstances leading up to the hostage incident and the length of time that the hostage or hostages were held
Identify the hostage taker, or takers, and identify the type of hostage classification (criminal hostage taker, ideological hostage taker, domestic hostage taker,
frustration driven hostage taker, or thought disordered hostage taker) that you believe applies to this hostage taker. Explain your selection.
Did a hostage negotiator respond to the incident? What tactics or techniques were used?
How would you have responded to that incident differently than the techniques used?
Would you like to be a hostage negotiator? Explain.
Please answer each question in bullet format not essay format.

Remember to use APA format for in-text citations, as well as for your references.

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