Words, The Channel of Communications

William Shakespeare aptly captured the essence of this article in hamlet, when he declared that the only thing we read-or say for that matter-are words, words and more words. It brought to the fore the importance of the human word in the field of communications.And the human word is only a faint reflection of the Divine word, which is also the creative word, Let There Be Light.

The difference is that there is time and space in every plane of existence, tailored to that plane. Words apply on to the material world.. Thus the human words also harbors the creative abilities, simply because it takes on form in the astral, generally called fine gross matter. It is the finest of all forms of action that could take on form.

So when God said”Let There Be Light” and there was light, it represents a creative force at the summit of Creation. And when man speaks, sounds are produced which embody the creative force at the level of the physical, which can be described as the shadow of the real. These are a combination of sounds, or syllables, which produce forms. Over time, the unit of these syllables have been found, depending on the sound groupings, called vowels and consonants. Spiritual maturity of a people determines the type of forms produced, which in turn directly affects the originators. Thus the string of words produce the language which create forms that influence the people who produce the forms. This effect is basically the character of the people involved.

Thus the language spoken by a people form the basic characteristic of such people. A ponderous language begets a ponderous people, a light language beget a light people.

It will now be understood why fast speaking Europeans walk and act fast, and Africans are more ponderous in their activities. It goes even beyond race. A homogeneous group will always circulate a kind of common language reminiscent of the language spoken by the group. This because of a common influence of the forms that were created by the language.

With the human spiritual maturity, the language is usually at the forefront of refinement. Dialects are a reflection of laziness on the part of those who speak a particular language who, due to the law of attraction find themselves lumped together.

Hence a basic method of spiritual growth can also be through language. Any one who makes special effort to move up the ladder of ennobled language will at the same time move up the ladder of spiritual maturity. And he will then swing closer to the ideal, which is swinging in numbers that is under the control of the will in creation: The number seven.