World Culture

After viewing “Half the Sky” discuss your reaction to global educational opportunities of/for girls/women. You may also use examples from “Salam Neighbor” in terms of education in refugee camps. Relate this to your own family experiences of women and education and include any interview data you gathered from your own family or other sources.

What similarities/differences in terms of potential solutions to Global Food issues do you see in “Food Chains” compared to what you have read in the Timmerman book? How do these documentaries compare with our guest speaker Kathy Vargas’s presentations. Select at least three themes to discuss and use specific examples.

Describe your understanding of the “micro-finance” movement after viewing “Living on One Dollar, ” and “True Cost of Clothing.” What advantages or disadvantages do you see to this potential solution to address worldwide poverty?

Think about potential solutions to some of the global food issues we have learned about this semester. What information from Kathy Vargas’s presentation did you find most interesting? How might you use this information on a personal level? How would you describe her presentation and the information in it to a friend?

Select the film that you feel you learned the most from this semester and discuss what you learned or how it impacted you. If there was one film you would delete from the course, which would it be and why.