Write a one-page, single-spaced synopsis of your practicum topic

Write a one-page, single-spaced synopsis of your practicum topic. In the synopsis you will summarize your workplace scenario, identify and describe the OB/Leadership theory you have selected, and then state how the theory will help to explain or help to resolve the central problem in your workplace scenario. Please email the assignment to me). Be sure to follow APA format for your paper.  It is strongly recommended that you consult with the course writing consultant (Patricia-Cowan@berkeleycollege.edu).

In order to refresh your memory regarding the various theories and concepts introduced in the OB/Leadership course, you may access the ebook at the link provided in the blue content tab (McGraw-Hill Connect OB Text).


In your readings for this week you see how incentives for top executives, and/or for workers, built with the best of intentions, have unforeseen inappropriate consequences.   These recent real time experiences can be understood in the context of our learning this week with regard to rational human behavior and decision making in response to incentives.  Your discussion topic for this week is to use the experiences of executive compensation at Valeant and at tech companies to make the connections to your learning thus far. Discuss your learning on the power of incentives (rather than punishment) and how they apply towards excellence in decision making (or not). What does your learning say about the decision maker and his/her capabilities?