Write Comforting Condolence Letter

A condolence letter can prove to be very comforting to someone who is in heavy pain. This type is mostly written to console someone who has lost his or her loved ones, someone who is deeply hurt by some heart-rending pain of life, or someone who has experienced grief and misfortune.

Through this letter you not only console your friends and relatives but also make them feel good with the belief that they are in your thoughts in all phases of life. Even the toughest terrains don’t take you away from them and this feeling has a magical power.

The two main purpose of writing a condolence letter is to offer a tribute to the deceased and to be a source of comfort to the survivors. It is a simple and effective way to sympathize anyone even when they are going through the toughest phase of life.

Although it is an effective means of consoling, but also the most difficult task. When you console anyone, it is really tough to get the right words of sympathy. It’s a strong belief that it’s really easy to say something but when it comes to your own life, its hard to even digest the truth. It is purely linked to the fact that the actual pain is felt only by the person who has got the wound. Others certainly hold a heart to understand the grief and pain but can never feel the pain the other person is going through. In such a situation writing words of condolence becomes a challenging task.

If at any point of life, you come across a situation to write a letter of condolence, then here are some excellent tips:

• The letter should be short and concise. Don’t make it too lengthy making it difficult for them to even read.

• Make sure that you put across a friendly and comforting approach.

• Never impose yourself on the reader.

• Always remember you have to console and not convince. So, mind your words and expressions.

• Try to put yourself in his or her place and then put your statement.

• Make the other person feel special by letting them know that you care.

• Offer all possible assistance from your end.

• Show them that you will take extra steps to help the reader come out of the grieving situation.

• Show them that the deceased is still alive in all hearts.

• Make the reader feel good by sharing some good moments spent with the person gone forever.

• Don’t stuff feelings and words without need. In such a kind of letter, unsaid words are more effective and meaningful then said words and written expressions.

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