Remember to support your answers from the text or readings or videos. You will be graded on content (80%), organization of your thoughts (10%), and grammar/spelling, including punctuation (10%). Failure to support work will result in a 50% penalty on your grade. Please double space and use 1” margins on the assignment.






  1. Write four paragraphs on core and distinctive competencies, defining them, discussing how they are different from each other. Which gives the most solid competitive advantage and why? Remember to support your answers.


  2. Discuss the seven criteria that should be used in preparing long term objectives. Write a paragraph about each one, including their purpose and giving examples. Remember to support your answers.


  3. In four or five paragraphs, describe how a manager would perform an analysis of the sources and use of funds, including steps to do the analysis and examples.


  4. Discuss the principle profitability ratios and write a paragraph about each one, including what each one measures and giving examples.


  5. In one page, explain the premise for the resource-based view of the firm (RBV) and how this view is different from other views.


  6. In three to four paragraphs, define the elements of the balanced score card and how it is used to translate a strategy into operational terms.


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