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Autumn takes the summer’s warmth and rips down the leaves. Keats wonderfully intertwines lots of imagery and tone in each stanza. The first stanza demonstrates how plentiful and fruity the beginning of autumn is. The idea that John Keats was trying to portray was that everything dark has a purpose. Spring wouldn’t be that invigorating if hadn’t seen winter for a while. Would we really appreciate light if we had never seen dark? Life wouldn’t be nearly as treasured if we never knew what death was. Dark things make people very grateful for the good things that they had. Keats really understood this and secretly summarized his life in this poem. Keats lost many of his family and friends. As a result, no mater what situation that Keats was in he was still glad to be alive. Keats was very grateful of the luxuries he had during his stay at Oxford, unlike most other people there, because he had witnessed poverty. The wealthy aren’t truly grateful unless they have been poor for a while. ‘Ode to Apollo’ displayed Keats’ great respect for many well-known poets. Apollo is the god of the arts including poetry and music.

There is also a lot of history involved in ‘Ode to Apollo’. Keats had a very good education as a child and was thirsty for knowledge. Keats knew a lot about Greek mythology and culture thus giving the poem a very ancient feeling tone. The author once again refers to poets as bards throughout the literary work. In the line “whose chords are solid rays, and twinkle radiant fires,” a metaphor describes Apollo’s harp as having strings made of the suns rays. Keats also uses stanzas to individually describe seven poets. The poets are Apollo, Homer, Maro, Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser, and Tasso. All of these poets were highly admired by Keats. Irony is used when Keats describes Homer in “Looks through renovated eyes”. This is situational irony because Homer was blind. The last stanza separates itself from the rest of the poem. In it, Keats states that the bards mentioned in the poem all had lineage with Apollo. This clearly shows that Keats highly admired these poets.