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Presumably, the introduction should provide motivation. The introduction and conclusion may discuss the solutions and evaluation at a high level. Future work is likely in the concluding part of the paper. The details of the solution and the evaluation should be in the body of the paper. You may find it productive to try to answer each question in turn, writing your answer down. I recommend that you keep a notebook on all the papers you read, or mark-up the papers themselves. You could use my standard two-page form that you can fill out for each paper. In practice, you are not done reading a paper until you can answer all the questions. Also, you should be aware of the context of the paper in relation to the other papers in the class. Often a paper will represent a generalization, new direction, or contradiction to earlier papers. Until you have been able to complete the above process, it is likely that you have not yet thought critically enough about the paper. A second pass over the paper is sometimes required to have it all come together for you. To help you further structure your reading and note-taking activities, you might want to follow this rubric, using it as a kind of check list.